Sep 15 • 24M

Episode 62 - Help with OSR October, and Callins

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Michael / Chgowiz
Hi! I'm Michael "Chgowiz" and I podcast about my love for running fantasy role playing campaigns using older versions of Dungeons & Dragons! Find other gaming content at my blog here: (Artwork by Mark Allen -
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This episode, I ask what YOU want to hear about in OSR October, and I discuss some great call-ins with more about Holmes Basic and OD&D.

Help! I’d like to participate in OSR October, but I’m not sure what you’d like to hear about! If you have ideas, suggestions - please let me know! Either comment on or leave a voice comment (see below). Thank you!

Call-in guests

Jason of Nerd’s RPG Varietycast:

Daniel of Bandit’s Keep:

Links and Resources

Zach Howard/Zenopus’s analysis of the original Holmes Manuscript:

A look at Warlock:

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